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This age group is starting to notice vision changes that require bifocal lenses to see at various distances due to hardening of the lens in the eye. This hardening of the lens (the formation of cataract) is actually the lens adding layers to the natural lens which decreases the amount of light that can enter the eye causing vision to become yellowed as well. These changes are slow to progress, and gradually cause a decrease in the quality of vision. The formation of cataract is different for everyone. Replacing the lens at this juncture is permanent and the need for cataract surgery is eliminated.

A comprehensive eye exam by a surgeon is the only way to tell what stage the lens is in and what procedure is the best option for you. Our Advanced Ocular Analysis provides the doctor and the patient digital images of the lens to track the progression of cataract formation and crystalline lens.

Procedures most likely recommended for this group include blended vision with SBK-Advanced LASIK or ASA- Advanced PRK, as well as Refractive Lens Exchange for near and far vision.

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