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The LASIK Life:
Clear. Convenient. Carefree.

Trade in your contacts and glasses for #thelasiklife

Trade in your contacts and glasses for #thelasiklife


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We asked some of our patients to describe what they love about The LASIK Life. The responses were many, but most focused on one thing – how much easier life was after LASIK. Traveling. Exercising. Morning routines. You name's more convenient with LASIK.

When it comes to your vision, you have choices – glasses, contacts, and LASIK. Due to its superior outcomes and quick recovery, more and more people are opting for laser vision correction. Why? Consider just a few of these life-changing benefits of LASIK:

  • Ever tried swimming in glasses? LASIK better accommodates an active lifestyle.
  • Sleeping in your contacts? LASIK is a smart way to avoid dangerous eye infections from improper contact lens use.
  • Tired of managing lens solutions and glasses? With LASIK, you'll be free to enjoy great vision from the moment you wake up.

Stop hassling with glasses and contacts and start enjoying The LASIK Life today.

Why Durrie Vision?

Durrie Vision offers many technologies aimed at restoring visual clarity to patients struggling with nearsightedness, farsightedness, and astigmatism. Take the first step towards visual freedom by scheduling a complimentary consultation. During this comprehensive exam, you will:

  • Receive in-depth testing, giving you a beneath-the-surface look at your eyes today and well into the future
  • Meet with a surgeon who will outline a treatment plan tailored to your visual needs and lifestyle
  • Get answers to all your questions – costs, financing options, recovery, and more.

Durrie Vision – Leaders in the vision industry for over 30 years

  • At Durrie Vision our focus is on providing exceptional outcomes within a world-class patient experience. Our refractive surgeons Dr. Daniel Durrie, Dr. Jason Stahl, and Dr. Timothy Lindquist are among the most experienced refractive surgeons in the country with international reputations as leaders and innovators in the field.

    • 0 down, 0% interest financing available
    • HSA & FSA eligible expense