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When considering laser vision correction, choosing a provider is the most important decision you can make. We know you have options and hope to be a resource in helping you make a confident, informed decision. Our unique approach to patient care is the driving force behind the exceptional results our patients have come to expect. What makes Durrie Vision different? Here are just a few ways we stand out:

Refractive Surgery is All We Do

Refractive surgery is a sub-specialty of ophthalmology just like retina, glaucoma and pediatrics. In addition to their ophthalmology residency training, the surgeons at Durrie Vision have completed an additional one-year fellowship training program to sub-specialize in refractive surgery.

This narrow field of focus has enabled our doctors to refine the techniques and understand the technology better than those with a broader area of focus.

Our Signature Advanced Ocular Analysis

Exceptional results begin with an exceptional exam. To determine candidacy for a procedure, each patient experiences our Advanced Ocular Analysis. Beyond the extensive diagnostics and in-depth look at the overall health of the eye, the main experience unique to our exam is the one-on-one consultation each patient has with one of our world-class surgeons. This gives you an opportunity to discuss your results and learn how the technology applies specifically to your eyes.

Advanced Diagnostic & Treatment Technology

Determining whether an individual’s eyes are healthy and optimized for exceptional surgical results is our number one priority. By investing in the most advanced diagnostic technology available, our surgeons are able to determine not only if a patient is a candidate for a vision correction procedure, but what is the best procedure and the best treatment technology for them. This approach has a positive effect on the safety and efficacy of the procedure.

Phenomenal Patient Care

At Durrie Vision, everything matters! Your time, experience, and results are as important to us as they are to you. We seek to provide a unique experience where you are greeted with enthusiasm, taken care of in a timely fashion, and receive expert care throughout the process. Especially with something as personal and important as your eyes, ensuring your entire experience from consultation to surgery is both exceptional and comfortable, is critical.

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At Durrie Vision, we customize each procedure to address the individual needs of our patients. Click on your age group below to learn more about the solutions designed to fit your vision, age, and lifestyle.

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"I went to have coffee with a friend before my one day post-op visit and told him I could read the newspaper that morning without my reading glasses!"

- George Brett, MLB Hall of Famer

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    What is the LASIK Success Rate?

    Patients who come into our office to talk about their vision correction options often have questions about the LASIK success rate. This isn’t surprising, given the laser vision correction procedure’s popularity and performance in improving vision and reducing – even eliminating – patients’ reliance on glasses or contacts. A recent article from the American Refractive Surgery Council offers

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