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KAMRA Vision™

Durrie Vision is proud to be the first in the Midwest to offer KAMRA Vision™ to presbyopic patients
seeking an alternative to reading glasses.

KAMRA Vision™

KAMRA Vision™ is an advanced corneal procedure providing a long-lasting solution for patients experiencing the loss of near vision as a result of presbyopia. Implanted in a pocket or flap within the cornea, the KAMRA inlay relies on small aperture optics designed to increase depth-of-focus, restoring reading vision and the ability to perform near tasks.

Smaller and thinner than a contact lens, The KAMRA inlay is implanted in only one eye and can be placed on its own, with, or even years after patients have undergone laser vision correction. This revolutionary procedure is the first to restore near vision without compromising distance vision.

Who is a Candidate for KAMRA Vision™?

Typically in their 40s patients begin to notice a decrease in their near vision due to the aging of the internal lens of the eye. This natural aging process and loss of function within the lens is known as presbyopia and sets in when you enter stage one of dysfunctional lens syndrome. For people experiencing visual changes related to presbyopia, our surgeons may recommend a KAMRA inlay for the following: 

  • Difficulty reading without reading glasses or bifocals
  • Difficulty seeing near objects
  • A sudden dependence on reading glasses after years of good vision
  • Have entered stage one of the dysfunctional lens syndrome


What to Expect on the Day of the Procedure

The KAMRA inlay is implanted in the cornea during an out patient procedure. Patients should expect to be at our surgery center for 90 minutes.

You will need a driver to take you home as your vision may be blurry after the procedure.

Several tests will be repeated before your surgery.  Anesthetic eye drops are used to numb the eye.

Then a small, gentle eyelid holder is placed between your eyelids so you don’t have to worry about blinking during the procedure.

Using the femtosecond laser, the surgeon creates a pocket or a flap within the cornea. The inlay is then inserted and positioned to ensure the best depth-of-focus for each patient.

The surgery itself takes less than 15 minutes to perform.

Post-Operative Care and Recovery

Drops are instilled immediately following the procedure. Our post-operative technicians will then provide instructions regarding type and frequency of eye drops and restrictions for the days and weeks following.

The flap or pocket heals quickly with most patients being able to return to work and normal activities as early as the next day. Typically patients gain several lines of reading vision within their first week and most will experience the full benefit of KAMRA Vision™ by their one-month post-operative exam.

The following morning we will see you for a quick one day, post-operative visit with our team of doctors, and review any questions you may have.

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