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Considering LASIK? Ask your surgeon these questions…


Do you use the Femtosecond laser to create the corneal flap?

Studies prove this method is more precise and yields better results than the traditional flap-making procedures.

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Do you perform at least 100 cases per month? How many total?

There is no substitute for experience when trusting a surgeon with your vision. The surgeons at Durrie Vision have performed more than 60,000 procedures.

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Are you involved with clinical trials and research for the testing of vision correction techniques and equipment?

Without this involvement, a surgeon cannot tell you if you are better off waiting because a better solution to your specific vision needs is on the horizon.

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Do you invest in the very latest technology available?

Recent advances in laser and wavefront testing technology have proven to provide better, safer results than previous technology.

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Do you provide solutions for nearsightedness, farsightedness, astigmatism and presbyopia?

With the right technology and skill, vision correction specialists can correct nearly any refractive error.

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Do you perform advanced vision exams that include: dry eye analysis, wavefront vision testing, pupil size measurement, topographic corneal mapping and 3D retinal imaging?

A thorough exam by a surgeon is critical. It will determine if you are a good candidate and which procedure or technology is best for your individual situation.

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Are your surgeons involved from pre-op to post-op follow up care?

It is important for the surgeon to be involved before, during and after a procedure.

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