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    • 12 NOV 14
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    Importance of Routine Eye Exams

    shutterstock_50252341-300x200Apart from checking the clarity of your vision, one of the main reasons routine eye exams are so important to one’s overall well-being is that an eye doctor tests for many common health concerns and diseases that your primary physician does not. Even if you do not believe you are experiencing any trouble with your vision, these yearly examinations can save you from a great deal of other problems down the road. For example, during the Advanced Ocular Analysis at Durrie Vision, our experienced eye doctors check both the patient’s eye pressure and cup to disc ratio to screen for signs of glaucoma. Glaucoma is a particularly dangerous disease because oftentimes patients do not realize they even have the condition until their vision has already been permanently damaged.

    There are also common issues that many people live with – not realizing they even have an eye condition, much less that there may be simple treatments to correct the issue. For example, many men and women needlessly suffer from dry eye syndrome simply because they are unaware that they have a common, treatable condition.

    In depth eye exams, particularly those like our Advanced Ocular Analysis, are very important to make sure your eyes stay healthy and to diagnose issues that may be correctable or treatable. In conjunction with our Vision for a Lifetime program, our experienced eye doctors perform this comprehensive exam that evaluates the present state of your eyes in addition to helping our ophthalmologists create a plan designed to ensure your healthy vision for decades to come.

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