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    • 01 DEC 14
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    Featured Patient: Pam Cooper

    We recently launched a new series on our blog – featuring real patients and real responses. This week we talked to Pam Cooper, a busy mom and local business owner with only one regret regarding her vision correction surgery – that she didn’t do it sooner!  

    Featured Patient, Pam Cooper

    Pam, enjoying her new vision on the job.

    Name: Pam Cooper

    Occupation: Owner of three UPS Stores in Shawnee and Kansas City, KS

    Special interests/hobbies/superpowers: Golf, reading, going to Sporting KC games

    Why did you choose to have vision correction surgery?
    I had worn glasses since grade school and contacts since high school. In my work I have to read a lot of information at varying distances, and it’s critical that I can see what I’m doing. I got tired of taking glasses on and off constantly.

    Favorite movie you’ve watched and / or book you’ve read since having surgery?
    The Glass Castle by Jeannette Walls 

    What is the farthest you have traveled with your “new eyes”?
    Manhattan to see my daughter – go K-State!

    Any post-surgery “wow” moments stand out?
    I couldn’t believe how quickly my vision recovered. I could do a crossword puzzle for the first time without getting frustrated with the tiny numbers – it was so nice!

    Which surgeon performed your procedure?
    Dr. Stahl – I loved the way he explained how the eye works and how the surgery would correct my vision. I was almost completely put at ease by how simple it was to understand everything.

    What three words best describe your feelings on life after laser vision correction?
    Easier, faster, clearer! 

    How would you describe your Durrie Vision experience?
    Extremely professional. I was pretty scared which is why it took me so long to find out if I was a candidate, but everyone made me and my husband feel comfortable, and the process very pleasant. 

    Why did you choose Durrie Vision?
    When I decided to check it out, I asked my eye doctor who she would use for her own eyes and without hesitation, she said Durrie Vision.

    Anything else you’d like to add?
    I just wish I hadn’t been such a chicken and had done it years ago.

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