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    • 02 JUN 15
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    Featured Patient: Laura Chambers

    Laura Utah w kate

    Laura & her friend Kate, enjoying the view in Utah

    Curious about vision correction? In our Featured Patient series, we profile real patients who share their experiences with Durrie Vision and how the procedure has changed their lives. This week we talked to Laura Chambers, an active mom of two. Read on to find out how LASIK improved her fast-paced lifestyle. 

    Name: Laura Chambers

    Occupation: Mom and Account Executive with Steel City Media

    Special interests / hobbies / superpowers:
    Being Mom is priority #1, and I love hanging out with my friends and family…but I also love to cycle, swim, workout, play golf and spend lots of time volunteering in various avenues.

    Why did you choose to have vision correction surgery?
    When I turned 40, my eyes started to change and dry out. It became difficult to keep my contacts in after 8 hour days. With my busy lifestyle, I was ready for a more convenient option that would get me through the long days. I am also excited to swim with my kids without worrying about my contacts falling out!

    Favorite book you’ve read since having surgery?
    I most recently read WILD without having to reach for my glasses late at night!

    Last movie?
    Did I mention I was a mom? Most recent movie was Cinderella!

    What is the farthest you’ve traveled with your “new eyes”? 
    I have been to St. Louis with my new eyes…and the travel was so much more convenient.

    Any post-surgery moments stand out?
    I have a WOW moment everyday…from opening my eyes in the middle of the night and realizing I can see without my glasses…noticing the buds on the trees in a way that is much more clear than ever before…and being able to be ready for a run in 5 minutes in the morning…it’s always WOW!


    Laura & her family are #ForeverRoyal

    What three words best describe your feelings on life after laser vision correction?
    Blessed. Free. Empowered.

    How would you describe your Durrie Vision experience? 
    From the moment I walked in the door for my consultation to surgery day to the post-op appointment, I knew I was in the right hands. I cannot believe I was so concerned of the process – it was so simple and harmless.

    Why did you choose Durrie Vision? 
    Durrie Vision has some of the best in the world, right here in KC…there was no option to go anywhere else!

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