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Our History

Focus on Independence is a non-profit organization that provides laser vision correction at no cost to disabled individuals who cannot to use their arms or hands to handle eyeglasses and contact lenses.

The program was born during a moment in 2003 when Dr. Durrie watched Christopher Reeves deliver a televised speech. The actor, who was paralyzed at the time, wore glasses which his wife had to position on his face.

As a vision correction specialist, Dr. Durrie was inspired to take action. He created Focus on Independence as a way to use his skills to give back to the community and help individuals suffering from paralysis regain some of their independence.

To date over 100 people have benefited from the program that provides no charge laser vision correction, typically a $5900 value.

Our Mission

To increase the independence of people with spinal cord injuries by reducing their need for glasses and contact lenses through vision correction surgery.

Our Future

Focus on Independence is a growing organization of vision correction surgeons from around the country giving the gift of sight and independence.

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