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    • 27 JAN 16
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    6 Winter Activities Better Enjoyed with LASIK

    6 Winter Activities Better Enjoyed with LASIK

    Every day we meet new patients who come to us for a number of reasons. Though their motives may vary, the end goal is the same – to lose their glasses and contacts! We love hearing the personal reasons people make the leap into LASIK and how it has changed their life for the better. To celebrate the season, we’ve put together a list of our favorite winter activities improved by LASIK.

    1. Skiing. Anyone who’s ever fought to fit goggles over their glasses knows the struggle. Next time, enjoy the slopes sans lenses for a liberated, more comfortable experience.

    2. Netflix binge. Snowed in? Sounds like the perfect time to get caught up on your favorite shows. When 3AM rolls around and you finally peel yourself off the couch, you’ll be glad you no longer have to peel off your lenses as well.

    3. Snowball fights. When your snowball reputation is on the line, you need every advantage you can take. Take a hit while wearing glasses? Ouch. Lose a contact? Good luck finding it in the snow. Reduce your obstacles and gain the upper hand.

    4. Hot cocoa. After LASIK, foggy glasses will no longer hinder you from enjoying a big mug of this winter staple.

    5. Vacations! Let’s be honest, vacations are already pretty sweet. Vacations after LASIK? Even better. Imagine never having to worry about managing lens solutions, extra contacts and glasses when you pack. Post LASIK, you can kiss those pesky TSA liquid requirements goodbye.

    6. Valentine’s Day. Speaking of kissing…remember those foggy glasses mentioned in #3? That applies here too. Say goodbye to steamy lenses on Valentine’s Day, or any day for that matter.


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