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    • 23 NOV 16

    What You Need to Know About the PROWL Studies

    This post originally appeared in the ARSC Insight Blog.  What You Need To Know About PROWL Two new studies published online in the JAMA Ophthalmology shed new and important light on patient experiences after LASIK surgery. What is PROWL? The goal of the FDA’s PROWL (Patient Reported Outcomes with LASIK) studies was to validate aRead more →
    • 09 NOV 16

    Cross-linking for Keratoconus Now Available

    Great news for patients suffering from keratoconus – corneal collagen cross-linking, the first therapeutic treatment designed to stop progression of the disease – has been FDA approved. Even better news? It's now available at Durrie Vision! We're thrilled to bring this exciting technology to the many patients awaiting treatment. Read more about procedure below. What is keratoconus? Read more →