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    • 22 JUN 15

    7 Summer Activities Improved with LASIK

    It’s summer! In honor of the change of seasons, we put together a fun list of summer favorites that only get better with SBK- Advanced LASIK. 1. Swimming ­­– Choosing to have LASIK means never having to choose between two not-so-great options again: forgo corrective lenses all together, compromising vision during your time in the

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    • 02 JUN 15

    Featured Patient: Laura Chambers

    Curious about vision correction? In our Featured Patient series, we profile real patients who share their experiences with Durrie Vision and how the procedure has changed their lives. This week we talked to Laura Chambers, an active mom of two. Read on to find out how LASIK improved her fast-paced lifestyle.  Name: Laura Chambers Occupation:

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